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To connect 'ILOVESALON' DesignersCustomers.

The Rsaddy Designer app was created to provide designers with everything they need to run a shop. One person who runs a shop, a freelance designer, and a store
All designers can use it freely.
Under the slogan "Connecting Designers and Customers," the Rs.p. customer app was also created so that customers could find their own style through the app. 

"Designers and customers, start with 'ILOVESALON'!" 

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ILOVESALON for Designer

Beauty Tech Platform App for Designers
Using RSA's content, reservations are activated by customers and sales increase naturally!

The first step to all the care a designer needs, 

"Designers and customers, start with 'ILOVESALON'!"

ILOVESALON for Customer

Beauty Tech Platform App for Customers
You can check the latest hairstyle information from the location-based information of the shops around you

View shop reservations and style information for 'Customers' 

"Look for 'My Style' at the 'ILOVESALON'!"

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